Introduction to The Holy Biscuit Blog
28th September 2011

As we begin a new year, we are starting this new platform for discussion, which will provide a forum for exciting discussion and interaction with the growing community around THB. This is specifically in response to the desire by the Methodist Church in Newcastle to facilitate a creative Christian presence in the art scene in Newcastle and the North East.

The journal will feature articles that review and critically engage with artistic and cultural events, including art exhibitions, gigs, films and pop-up events, hoping to provide a Christian perspective and prophetic voice into the wealth of creativity that is currently exploding in Tyneside. We hope to include articles by professional creative practitioners, theologians, philosophers and emerging artists, most of whom are based in the North East.

Finally, we hope to document some of the exciting things that are happening in our space over the year as well as showcasing the work of some of North East’s emerging talent and promoting some of the projects they are currently involved with. We are looking for people to submit articles, reviews, reflections and just general comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!