Amy Jowett

Revealed on Wednesday 19 May.

Amy Jowett is an artist who focuses on the crossover of sound, written word and visuals, often creating imagined landscapes which join both digital and physical landscapes. Her current work playfully explores ideas of authorship and intervention by giving up control of elements to digital systems, medium specificities, the participants, or viewer.

Un/seen Works

Our environment over the past year has dramatically changed, open space and the digital have been all we’ve really known and yet so drastically different. These two polarising landscapes started my thought process when given the audio from the previous artist Sarah White, who detailed an outdoor setting she wandered through whilst comparing potential work she would make to pixels on a screen. Through the process of going from an audio recording to final work, I undertook a process of digitising parts of my local landscape through photogrammetry in an act of care. Referencing processes in museums and conservation that centre around accessibility, digital access, and the reproduction. This digitisation created renderings of flowers and wild garlic that signified elements of rebirth and spring, caring for and preserving such fleeting moments of not only seasons but memories and ordinary histories that surround these objects. This process allowed for textural digital reproductions that passed over the authorship of creation to the digital systems I was working in and with. These digital renderings were then printed via a winter green transfer technique, embodying the fleeting and the objects in the British museum that were crumbling without human interaction mentioned in the original brief.

Un/seen Piecemeal