Art and Enquiry: Investigations
6th August 2020

In 2019 SAW released a publication. The publication was the outcome of many months of self reflection and careful consideration, within it’s pages we sought to explore and explain what SAW is, what it has been, and what it aims to be as an organisation. There are several essays within it that explore different aspects of our thinking and practise- here is one of them.

The questions, always these, require response,

no simple ones of chemistry or maths

that shaped the prickled outline of a world

then infilled with a data filigree.

We have the words for what, and how and who,

but their answers do not help decide

what manner of a world we want to build

and how we live within that chosen form.

The investigation needs a different route,

a slip-stream ride through human conscious

that blasts the standard answer, digs away

to offer new foundations for our lives.

Take up this new enquiry, seize the tools,

and give no mind to whispers about rules.

Huw Evans

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