Community Activism: To Act
27th August 2020

In 2019 SAW released a publication. The publication was the outcome of many months of self reflection and careful consideration, within it’s pages we sought to explore and explain what SAW is, what it has been, and what it aims to be as an organisation. There are several essays within it that explore different aspects of our thinking and practise- here is one of them.

To act through art, to seek the city’s good

where chaos and malignity prevail.

To find, in ruins, hope: as ancient bricks

may be reused and with fresh mortar bonded

into grottos, fountains, runnels flowing sweet;

so we look to lives that will transform

from wreckage and despair to flourishing

in glorious and unexpected ways.

To act through art, to seek our neighbours’ good,

to let new joys resound in places blighted

by indifference, neglect. To act

in harmony, achieving common goals.

To let our expectations have full range.

To live in hope, awaiting days of change.

Huw Evans

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