Creation Story: Mixing Bowl Blog Week 1
17th March 2020
Over the next few weeks as we are unable to meet in person we are going to be sharing art, reflections and creative activities every Tuesday to help us keep in touch during this time. From now until after Easter we will be reflecting on the creation story in various ways – so to set the scene is a short re-telling of the ‘story’ and a couple of ideas to get us started.
It was the beginning of beginnings.
When God created
When God initiated
When God invented

It was in the beginning when God arose and formed the word and breathed the word of life

It was the beginning of life and the beginning of words

God breathed the beginning words and a world was born.
God spoke and the words became – light and dark, animals and plants, sea and land, and people.

It was the beginning of God breathed timeless words of love
of the relationship of love –
of God loving the world he had made
of the created loving their creator.
God adopted and embraced
Established and founded

It was the beginning of speaking, of words, of communication.
It was the beginning of apples and serpents
It was the beginning of people
Of imagination and creativity
Of potential and authenticity
Of truth and grace
Of knowing love and acceptance.
Of human loving and creating .
Of passing on the words of love from God

It was the beginning of God and the creation forever intertwined.

Are there any particular phrases which stick out to you – why? If you have access to google images perhaps you could search for some paintings of ‘creation’ – choose 2 or 3 you really like – why did you choose them? if you feel inspired maybe you could note down some words or do some drawings or doodles to share with the Mixing bowl group we are creating?
Perhaps during this week take the time to notice the world around you, The nights are getting lighter – the pattern of the light and shadows, how it changes with the wind. If you are able to access the outside perhaps look at the shapes of buds and leaves as they form, the feel of the sun and the wind.

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