13 September – 15 November 2019

Preview | Friday 13 September 2019, 6-8pm

A preview celebration with a bring and share meal. 

Exhibition | 17 September – 15 November 2019

Community not Commodities sought to explore the emotional value of home and communities, in an age when financial value is often placed before community value. Using printmaking, a medium often used to express protest, Community not Commodities featured an exhibition, events, workshops and discussions, which asked questions, both practical and emotional, about housing and community. The exhibition featured work by printmaker Theresa Easton, original 1970/80s protest movement posters, printing by local artists and an outdoor print protest installation.

Printed Journal Workshop with Theresa Easton | Friday 27 September, 10am-1pm

Using a range of printing and collage techniques, participants had the opportunity to design a handmade journal with a fold out poster. Inspired by the exhibition Community not Commodity and the outdoor printed protest posters, participants were encouraged to experiment with printmaking processes and develop some simple bookmaking skills. There was a bring and share lunch afterwards so participants brought some food to add to the feast. 

Discussion Evening | Tuesday 8 October, 6.30-8.30pm

We shared a meal together, looking at the exhibition, and had a conversation about art, protest, housing and community. As part of this discussion we shared stories, experiences, knowledge and possible solutions. This event was organised as part of Mixing Bowl. 

PROCESS gallery

Read about ‘A shout, a cry, a question: Shieldfield speaks’, the exhibition on in the PROCESS gallery for this project.

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