Online exhibition & programme: 12 April – 9 July

During lockdown, objects in the British Museum started to crumble and break. Why? Because the lack of 17,000 visitors had altered the humidity. The breath of human beings literally stopped the art from crumbling. The museum relies on people to actually keep history alive. So how does the gallery survive without its audience? How does our inability to see art properly, in the flesh, affect our understanding and experience of it. These are questions we also ask within the realm of faith. In the Bible Jesus is said to be the living Word of God. How do words, which we speak or learn from, embody how we live and relate to our experience of faith, especially when we are scattered?

We will explore these questions with a playful take on a childhood game, forming a chain of whispers which moves between audio and visual description. Ten artists will collectively produce an exhibition by creating pieces in sequence. 

Un/seen piecemeal: Each week a new Un/seen artwork will be revealed. Come for some art and chat over lunch. Every Wednesday 12-1pm on Zoom. Shaeron Caton-Rose (28 April), Linda Willcox (5 May), Sarah White (12 May), Amy Jowett (19 May), Ken Mallon (26 May), Erika Servin (2 June), Francesca Willow (9 June), Sam Heath (16 June), Taya Franco (23 June), Lucy Heaton (30 June). 

Zoom Meeting ID: 843 3313 5533 | Zoom Passcode: 157363

Post view: Friday 9 July, 7-9pm. Come and see the whole process in full and meet all the artists on Zoom.

Zoom Meeting ID: 891 0500 4802 | Zoom Passcode: 502714

Un/seen Artists

Find out more about each of our Un/seen artists using the links below. Our Piecemeal conversations and each artist’s works will be added to their page as they are revealed every Wednesday, so keep checking back for the next artist in sequence.

Sharon Caton Rose

Linda Willcox

Sarah White

Amy Jowett

Ken Bee

Erika Servin

Francesca Willow

Sam Heath

Taya Franco

Lucy Heaton

Un/seen Reflections

As with every exhibition or project that we undertake we explore and reflect on the theological thinking behind our themes. Click on the links below to read two essays written by our team around the themes of this exhibition.

The physicality of words (A body of words)

The physicality of the gallery (A body of art)

Un/seen Post View

The whole audio visual process and a conversation with all the artists involved.