Erika Servin

Revealed on Wednesday 2 June.

Erika Servin is a printmaker interested in the historic and political relationships with Mexican popular prints and print’s unique qualities of reproduction and graphic possibilities. Through her artwork she translates the concept of Mexican popular culture from symbols into narratives. The political aspect contained within printmaking has an important role in societal changes and Erika’s work.

Un/seen Works

It has been a positive experience to be invited to be part of UNSEEN. To have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of artists, in different stages and practices.  

One of the strongest parts of this project is the idea of an audio to be sent from one artist to the next. It was so exciting to hear their voices describing their ideas and their artwork, and from there to develop the ideas for my own piece. 

The work developed from listening to Ken’s audio and writing down words that I remember after listening. An exercise of using my memory, which I repeated three times to see if the words were different. The fourth time I wrote down the words that came to my mind: 

identity, memory, distortion, and time. 

The making of this piece has been cathartic and personal, I guess a good reflection of this past year. I have acknowledged my life in Newcastle and seen how it has developed and recognised the people in my day-to-day life and those that have gone.  I have produced a very intimate personal work that reflects on the idea of blended identity.

Un/seen Piecemeal