Francesca Willow

Revealed Wednesday 9 June.

Francesca Willow is a dance artist, exploring the spiritual and practical nuances of relationships, sustainability and culture. Her dance work aims to connect on a non-verbal level that, ideally, helps people feel invested and included in the subjects at hand.

Un/seen Works

Inspired by ideas of collage and ephemerality, this piece started as an exploration of how these ideas could look like on film. Instead, it became a piece about birds. Every place I went to film had such a variety of (very loud) birds that it was impossible to ignore them, and so they became the main influence and, eventually, inspiration.

The name transmigration also refers to spiritual ideas around transmigration of souls, especially old tales around former human souls inhabiting birds. This was a common idea among sailors in the UK & Ireland up until at least the late nineteenth century. While my soul remains in my body for the time being, it was interesting to watch the ‘spirit’ of this project weaving through all the different locations and improvisations, coming together into one cohesive piece of movement.

Un/seen Piecemeal