Hospitality: at Mixing Bowl
9th July 2020

In 2019 SAW released a publication. The publication was the outcome of many months of self reflection and careful consideration, within it’s pages we sought to explore and explain what SAW is, what it has been, and what it aims to be as an organisation. There are several essays within it that explore different aspects of our thinking and practise- here is one of them.

As our Christian faith is the motivation behind all that we work towards through SAW, we give space in our programme for a regular gathering where everyone is welcome to come and explore, observe and critique the faith that we hold and which forms an important part of our organisation’s identity.

Mixing Bowl is the name for the group that regularly meets at SAW with the aim of exploring the Christian faith with one another. The name of this gathering hints at it being a place where different ideas, perspectives and experiences can come together. All are welcome, and both Christians and those of other or of no faith regularly attend. The leadership of the group is also varied but share an intention to make their Christian faith accessible, helpful and open for exploration by others.

A Mixing Bowl gathering will take shape differently every time but we always share food together and have a topic or question to discuss and reflect upon. Often the theme of an evening will tie-in with an exhibition or project being held. There are also regular opportunities for visitors and regular attenders to offer up a topic, question or artwork for discussion and investigation by the rest of the group.

As we gather in this way, things perhaps look and feel a bit different to what is expected of traditional church services. We hope that meeting outside of the traditional church context will provide a place that better enables individuals to express themselves, their doubts and questions, all of which are a natural and inevitable part of exploring faith together.

Lorna Bryan, Development Manager

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