Linda Willcox

Revealed on Wednesday 5 May.

Linda Willcox is an artist who brings together the raw elements of light, shadows and the feeling of being at home in nature, through painting, collage, textiles and print. Her work allows an element of chance, stepping away from control, and embodies a collaboration between the materials, the conditions, and herself.

Un/seen Works

Touching Trees: Earth (To be viewed from far away or with your eyes half closed)
Touching Trees: Air
Process: experimenting with print
Process: experimenting with layers
Process: close up
Process: close up
Process: experimenting with stitching
Process: experimenting with glitter

This was a totally new and exciting experience: to have time allocated in which I was encouraged to play and experiment with my creativity.  

I’m interested in collage and layering, and as the focus here was on the senses, I ‘collaged’ in that I gathered information, feelings, ideas from many sources. Sketchbooks are absolutely integral to my art practice, but there were also snippets of overhead conversations, sounds and textures of nature and earth, facial expressions, gestures, different colours. I’m also drawn to mixed media and tried playing with stitch, textiles and print, which was great fun. The play of changing light and shadows is evident in both the finished pieces and these are present in all of my work in some form or other.

Themes included feelings of belonging,  freedom and feeling at home in nature; feelings of connectedness, linking back to the original concept of language moving from one format, i.e. visual, to another, i.e. auditory. In the two finished pieces that connection is explored: between plants and with other creatures, via the rhizosphere, and via volatile organic compounds (VOCs), transmitting messages. I pictured these pertaining not only to nutrition and warnings, but also that they represented laughter, singing and dancing. This has been an exhilarating and joyous process for me, and I’m very happy to have taken part.

Un/seen Piecemeal