Mary and Joseph journey around Shieldfield

In Mexico there is a Christmas tradition (called Posada) that takes place through December, where figures of Mary and Joseph are passed around the community ‘travelling’ from home to home and business to business. It commemorates Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, remembering they couldn’t find a place to stay and were eventually forced to seek shelter in a stable, where Jesus was born. We are all aware of the many people in our world today seeking a place of refuge and this tradition allows us to reflect on that and how we respond this Christmas, as we remember Mary and Joseph’s journey made on the first Christmas. We are inviting Shieldfield to share with SAW in this tradition with our Mary and Joseph figures, travelling around the community organisations.

Our Mary and Joseph are a hand carved Mary and Joseph from Botswana. They’ve already had a journey to get to Shieldfield! Each Shieldfield organisation will take some photos of them visiting in their home/business and we will upload them here and on our socials in order to share the journey with everyone.

You can also look out for them around Shieldfield between 1-23 December 2022.

November 2022 // Mary and Joseph getting ready for their journey around Shieldfield with the SAW team

Please email for further information and to get involved.