Stir to Action Workshops

Stir to Action Workshops

The New Economy Programme by Stir to Action – a year of practical one-day workshops and three-day residentials – launched in October 2018 after a crowdfunding campaign to train a 1000 people in Bristol, Oxford, London, Dorset.

Their 2019-2020 programme is now open for bookings and is relaunching in Plymouth, Bradford, Newcastle, Bristol, London, and Dorset from October 2019 to July 2020.

Stir to Action also works with regional and national funding partners to offer sponsored places for those working in different sectors, such as co-operatives, digital technology, heritage, local development, and food & farming.

To book a place on a workshop go to:


26 October 2019 | Community ownership: how to get started

7 December 2019 | Community Wealth Building: Building an Economy for All

25 April 2020 | Worker Co-ops: How to get started

20 June 2020 | Movement Building Canvas