SAW Reflects

SAW Reflects are events where we think about the themes in our exhibition programme or the wider world, and explore how art and theology can speak to each other.

When looking at a particular artwork we’ll consider how the work and its themes relate to ourselves, our world and our beliefs. Through informal conversation with the artists involved and with each other, we explore the works on a deeper level in a way that can benefit both the audience and the artist in understanding what has been created, the thinking behind it and how it fits within our worldviews.

As part of SAW Reflects, we will also hold a series of annual celebrations and traditions for occasions like our Harvest Festival, an evening of remembrance, Posada (a fun and thought provoking nativity activity during the Advent season), a Passover or celebratory meal at Easter. These will be times to reflect on and celebrate marked events in our calendar year or a chance to respond to and process world events with each other.

Dates for your diaries:

  • 8th October 2022 – SAW’s Harvest Festival with Dwellbeing will include a time of reflection and hearing from people of faith about what the harvest means to them
  • 25th October 2022 – SAW Reflects: 100 People. A discussion evening looking at the thought behind and theological connections to the 100 People programme
  • 8th November 2022 – SAW Reflects: An Evening of Remembrance similar to previous Mixing Bowl remembrance evenings will be held.

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