Shieldfield Wheatfield

We are excited to announce the next development in the urban food-growing project with artist Mikey Tomkins that began in summer 2019. After talking with participants and residents after his mapping workshops the feedback was that there was a curiosity to actually grow some food in Shieldfield. So we would love to collaborate with you on this project to grow wheat in Shieldfield that will harvest 10kg of flour, which we will use to bake around 10 community loaves to share at a Shieldfield harvest event in September 2020. There are many different aspects that you can get involved in such as building planters, the sowing and growing, harvesting and threshing, baking and eating.

Have a look here to see where it all started.

Step One – sowing and growing – 13-14 March, 10am-5pm COMPLETE

  • We built raised beds covering 8sq metres of the SAW garden.
  • We sowed in the small planters already located in Milton Place, Caring Hands garden and outside Christ Church. These planters will be upkept by residents as advocates for the project. 
  • We gave out large containers (45-60cm depth) to local residents with limited outside space.  

Step Two – March – July

Upkeep of wheat by SAW and community advocates and keeping a wheat blog. 

Step Three – harvesting and milling – Late July to August

SAW, community advocates and households with containers will cut their wheat with scissors and bring it to the Big River Bakery (local community bakery) for winnowing and milling with their milling machine. 

Step Four – baking and breaking – October 

Some of the community members who have been involved will learn how to bake around ten Shieldfield loaves at the Big River Bakery. We will then hold a potluck meal at SAW, including a big pot of soup and of course the Shieldfield loaf. This will be a celebration of the fruitfulness within our Shieldfield community.

Do you want to be involved in the project?

Are you willing to become a Shieldfield Wheatfield advocate and help look after the wheat planted in Milton Place (this would just involve checking on it each week to see how it is growing and watering it if it is dry)?

If you would like to support the project then please head to our Crowdfunder page!

We need around £2500 to buy tools, run the planting workshops and harvest event and support the local community bakery to mill and bake the bake. As a supporter of the project you can choose from five options to help support the project. 

  • You can just donate, any amount will help. 
  • You can donate £50 in order to attend the bread making workshop to bake the Shieldfield loaf.
  • You can donate £40 and be invited to the harvest meal in September 2020.
  • You can purchase a limited edition map of Shieldfield for £10, drawn by visiting artist Mikey Tomkins who is helping to coordinate the project.
  • For £5 you can have your name on a plant label in a flower bed as a show of appreciation. The project is fully supported by the local council who have helped the project by identifying the flower beds.