Craft Action Collective

Craft Action Collective

Want to creatively challenge injustice, but don’t know where to start?

Craft Action Collective is a creative group which will seek to think deeply and respond to injustices in a gentle, careful way through craft and printmaking.

With courage and care we’ll talk, discuss and make together. It’s quiet activism for everyone, including introverts, where we’ll use the medium of craft to stand alongside others.

It’s helpful if you let us know you are planning on coming, by emailing

Upcoming sessions

4 October: Using Print & mark making to think further about why conversations and stories are important, and how we can make sure everyone’s story is heard.

18 October: Making simple books & zines as a way to think about stories, questions and protest. We’ll use the prints we’ve made in the previous two sessions to make the pages.

November dates: 1 & 15 November, craft TBC

All workshops are free (donations welcome) and suitable for adults

It’s helpful if you let us know you are planning on coming, by emailing (6 September requires booking)

Face Masks & Covid precautions (updated 5 April 2022)

We are encouraging visitors to our exhibitions and events to still wear face masks when inside the building. We have many different friends in our community and for some Covid is still a big risk. So please be kind, caring and considerate to those around you, as we seek to care for everyone in our communities and put others before ourselves.

Craft Action Collective will have a maximum of 15 – 20 participants per session. We’ll ensure windows and doors are open for maximum ventilation. We’ll also provide hand sanitiser.

Past sessions have included:

letterpress printing, texture printing, sewing, seed paper making and making dyes from common plants & weeds.

Tue 12 & 26 Apr, 6.30-8pm // Craft Action Collective: Seed paper & printing

On 12 April*, collectively create seed paper and chat about why and how we should care for the natural world as individuals and as community.

*The 12 April session has been postponed. This session will provisionally now take place on Tuesday 14th June, 6:30 – 8pm.

On 26 April, we’ll respond to eco issues through the medium of print. Our prints will incorporate our seed paper to create a unique conversation starter.

Tue 10 & 24 May, 6.30-8pm // Craft Action Collective: Dyes from plants

On 10 May, we’ll make inks and dyes using plants commonly recognised as weeds.

On 24 May, we’ll block print and paint napkins with our plant-based dyes. Using natural patterns and colours attractive to bees, we’ll explore bees’ connection to the food we eat and how best to protect them

June dates: Seed paper & printing

14 June, Craft session: create seed paper and chat about why and how we should care for the natural world as individuals and as a community.

28 June, Print session: printing textures, patterns and letterpress to draw attention to eco issues

Tue 12 July, Lino printing session: inspired by wildflowers & vegetables in the SAW garden

Tue 26 July Making fabric succulents & sedumsWe’ll be making fabric succulents and sedums together. You don’t need to be confident with a sewing needle for this, as we’ll be using fabric glue, although you’re welcome to add some sewing if you would like.

6 September: Making bird boxes

We’ll construct homes for birds which will be distributed around the local area. We’ll be thinking about how we can create better homes for wildlife in our local area. Booking is required for this session – please email the address below.

20 September: Photo & magazine image transfer

Who in power would you like to have a conversation with? Using an image transfer technique which enables you to turn any magazine cutting or laser printout into a sticker for collage or zine making, we’ll think about the power that conversations and stories hold.