Participatory Design Conference 2022

Embracing Cosmologies: Situated Actions and Exhibition
Wednesday 31st August – Friday 2nd September 2022

2022 is the 17th edition of the international Participatory Design Conference (PDC)  and is taking the form of a hybrid conference with activities being held online, in Newcastle upon Tyne and at 16 international PDC Places. This community explores research based on the direct involvement of people in the design, development, implementation and appropriation of technologies, artifacts and services. Situated Actions and exhibition encompasses participatory design inspired exhibits, performances, demos, and/or design/art works. This year’s exhibition is being held at SAW, an ideal partner to support both the workshops and open up projects/findings to a variety of local communities. This year’s selections span projects that use participatory stop-motion, collaborative Zine creation, mapping and online role-play to name a few!  As exhibition curators and the Situated Action chairs we hope that you will enjoy spending time with these projects and like us feel inspired by the visions of what  participatory design can do and become.

In addition to the exhibition we are also able to offer the SAW community, space permitting free access to our in person, hybrid online Situated Action design workshops on 30.8 and 31.8.  If you are interested and or simply curious we encourage you to register details below !

Best wishes

Dr Donna Leishman, Dr Stacey Pitsillides, Dr Cally Gatehouse

Situated Actions Free Workshops 2022

Pass the parcel: visualising environmental action (30.8, Hybrid, 11-1pm)

Join a creative photographic exchange that moves from visualising local to global. Organiser: Michael Chew. Local facilitator: David Chatting. Sign up to register and get your Zoom link for those wishing online access here:

KN(eat)TING– Sharing the table, crafting knowledge(30.8, In-person SAW, 12.30 – 3pm)

An invitation to a catered Chilean tea ritual of “La Once” having conversations through making as a metaphor for the crafting of knowledge. Organiser: Tomás Corvalán Azócar.

Sign up to register, please note this is a free catered event:

Open Forest: Data, Stories, and Walking-With 30.8, Hybrid / SAW/ Ouseburn 1-3pm.

In this Situated Action, we will take an experimental 1-hour forest walk in the Ouseburn valley, followed by co-creation of forest stories. Organisers: Markéta Dolejšová, Andrea Botero, Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi, Cristina Ampatzidou

Sign up to register and get your Zoom link for those wishing online access:

The Objects We Carry; The Memories We Share (31.8, In-person, Northumbria University, Design School, 10 – 1pm).

Participatory animation workshop, using personal objects to re-discover memories. Organiser: Nairy Eivazy.

Sign up to register to this animation workshop:

Zineography Creation (31.8, Hybrid / Northumbria University, Design School, 11-12.30pm).

Let’s make zines together that explore and reflect on human connections and participatory design! Organiser: Kiersten Hay.

Sign up to register to this in person session:

Or here for online attendees only:

Zineography Curation (31.8, In-person Northumbria University, Design School, 1.30pm – 3pm).

Let’s  explore and reveal how zines are editorially put together! Organiser: Kiersten Hay (UK).

Sign up to register to this in person session:

Ripple (31.8), Online only 12.30-3.30pm).

Join us in exploring Ripple, a role-playing game that examines the healthcare systems in the United States. Organisers: Kim Burgas & Hrudaya Veena Yanamandala.

Sign up to register to this online only session:

We also have two additional works featured and documented in the exhibition:

Co-Creating a Virtuous Cycle Fostering Citizenship: Alliances through Making and Gifting. We present a short documentary of four woodworking pieces from the ‘Dovetails’ project, which were gifted between members of two community groups, a group of older men and a group of local children. Organiser: Henry Collingham, Jayne Wallace, Jill Brewster, Rickard Whittingham, Sebastian Prost, Justin Marshall, Will Benson, Michelle Kindleysides

Mirrors: Reflecting the PDC Community. Mirrors is a situated action that, through a custom-designed app, focuses on deepening our understanding of the Participatory Design (PD) community through PD practice and by actively involving the community in depicting (and, in the process, critiquing) its profile. Organiser: Raphael Arar, Daria Loi