Painting for Fun Competition 2020

John, a member from the morning class, recently suggested that he would like to give a starter pack of 6 Artisan paints as a prize for a challenge that the class members could take part in. So we organised a competition open for all of our members to submit as many pieces as they wish, on the subject of Growth.

Growth Brief
Growth can be challenging, but it’s also hopeful. Spring brings new things, but in Summer they grow their roots. We’re asking you to come up with art inspired by hopeful growth, this could be nature’s growth, personal growth, spiritual growth, or anything else you can think of.   Work can be simple or complicated, abstract or obvious; pieces will be judged on the quality of the work itself and how well it responds to the brief.

1st Prize:  Starter set of 6 Artisan Paints, 4 canvas boards 10 x 8 inches, a set of brushes. 2 runners up will receive a pack of 4 canvas boards

Judged by: SAW staff


Chris Greenshields
The Shoe Tree 
29 cm in diameter | Artisan on Acrylic base colour on Acrylic pad. Shoes painted separately and glued on with PVA

The words around this say Children grow out of their shoes and adult ones wear out but memories can remain within the strong branches of the shoe tree, a wonder of creation and continuity. There is now more than one shoe tree so the tradition is growing.


Tracey Davison
‘Unexpected’  Poppy at Newbiggin beach  
10 x 12 inches | Artisan water mixable oil colour

The coldknow
For nature
  For Summer meadows
     Fields of shifting hued waves
Birds in song
     In Kind air

Slowly winding down
Expanding lined concrete 
  Ancient woodlands 
        Pure streams 

But poppies root in any ground 
  A beacon
     Clinging on
              Our future
Yvonne Marie Hinkesman
12 x 16 inches | Artisan on canvas board 

GROWTH; be it animal, vegetable or emotional, is essential to the well-being of The Earth.  The staple food of life is bread.  Corn especially grows to be cultivated and ground into flour, to mix, rise and bake into bread. Thus BREAD is the title of my work.

Lorraine Udell
4lb 14oz 
30cm x 40cm | Acrylic and charcoal on canvas board  

In this painting I wanted to convey a resilience which has grown over the years, from a tiny beginning to the present day. Lockdown has been full of drawing for me, which has moved me in a direction I didn’t expect, trying to catch emotion and relationships on canvas.

Chris Greenshields
A feeling of Optimism
10 x 8 inches | Artisan on Canvas Board 
I was drawn to the vibrancy of these flowers. The one in the foreground in full bloom seems to be setting an example for the others to follow. Having enjoyed painting more often recently I am enthusiastic about creative projects going forward.
Carole Suchak
Bamburgh Castle
10 x 8 inches | Artisan on canvas board
Jane Wang
Dusk at St Mary’s Island   
10 x 8 inches | Artisan on canvas board   

This was painted from a photo taken by myself on 25/06/2019 while I walked on the beach with my family and Caught the dusk view of St Mary’s Island Whitley Bay.
Earth growth
Acrylic on A4 paper

Earth growth – after destruction and devastation of natural disasters such as forest fires nature can always regenerate, shining glimmers of hope for new life.
Pat Shield
Growing Boys
21 x 29.5 cm | Watercolour

We haven’t seen our grandchildren since February because of Lockdown although our daughter regularly sends us photos and video calls. It struck me how much they’ve grown and just what they can do now compared to when we last saw them.
John McCullough
Growth (dropped seed)
9 x 12 inches | Artisan on canvas

Growth.  This represents growth of a seed dropped by the nearest tree.
Tracy Percival
Growth (Wall)  
9 x 12 inches | Artisan on canvas 

My inspiration for this Growth themed painting began on my mindful walks. I became aware of many beautiful plants that had seeded themselves and were growing out of stone walls. Imagine if my own thoughts were grown from a seed of such resilience, how beautiful they would be.
Carole Suchak
9 x 12 inches | Artisan on canvas
Patricia Hunt
My Neighbour’s flowers
8 x 11.5 inches | Derwent Artists’ pencils on Winsor & Newton Medium Surface Cartridge

I took a photograph of my neighbour’s garden, with their permission. I only noticed them when I joined others in clapping for the NHS. Flowers are still growing even when everything has stopped during lockdown.
New growth
Acrylic on A4 paper  

New discoveries are being made, I painted this picture as space is continuing to expand, growth isn’t just on earth it’s in galaxies far far away.
Personal growth
10 x 8 inches | Oil on canvas board

Personal growth – the fierce female encouraging empowerment to others in society. Walking away from all her troubles and no matter what happiness in life you can start over.
Graham Innes
Roots 1
Artisan on coloured A4 card

I have done a lot of painting from photos and so during lockdown I wanted to paint more from my imagination and with a rough, more unusual style. The subject of growth made me think of roots. I have enjoyed painting these roots in a way that I have not painted before.
Graham Innes
Roots 2 
Artisan on coloured A4 card

I started a second painting of roots which I liked even more, especially the way that I used blue in it.  I am very glad that I have used a different style.
Lois Whitelaw
10 x 8 inches | Artisan on canvas board 

Roses for myself signify the start of Spring, seeing more birds, butterflies, bees and insects in the garden or countryside. The weather is warmer, the days are longer. Roses can always be given in happy and sad times of our lives as we grow and mature.
Dawn McKenna
10 x 12 inches | Acrylic on canvas

Growth – this painting was originally painted just in yellow and brown,  it looked very one-dimensional. I bought sunflowers to cheer myself up during lockdown and was taken with the variation in colour in the flowers, so dug the painting out again and added the colours and flourishes you see today.
Lillian Read
The grass grows
10 x 8inches | Mixed media on canvas board

The grass grows.  Will I cut the grass today? The blackbirds like to walk on the cut grass. The grass grows. Will I leave the grass to grow? The clover comes through quick. The grass grows. The bees settle on the clover. The grass grows. My body lies on a green blanket.
Linda Ham
‘The Orange that gives me strength’
30 x 23cm | Aquamedia

Personal growth since March 2020
Inspired by the poem ‘The Stolen Orange’ by Brian Patten:
‘When I left I stole an orange
I kept it in my pocket 
It was a safeguard against imagining 
There was nothing bright or special in the world’
Kaman Fung
True light
20 x 25cm | Water mixable oil on canvas board

For this painting, I am particularly drawn to the gospel of John which spoke about the “True Light”, that “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind”. Even during this pandemic Jesus is still reaching out to all.  A life giving source lighting up people’s lives.
Lillian Read
Trying to grow vegetables
12 x 10 inches | Artisan on watercolour paper

I have been pleased that the last few months were the growing season in the plant world. Waiting and watching growth snowballing. One thing after the other sprouting forth and blossoming, creating food and shelter for wild life. Surviving and maturing. 
Life goes on and on and on.