Sarah White

Revealed on Wednesday 12 May.

Image credits: Film still, Image by Nikolai Azariah, ‘Traces of an Absent Body’ (Nikolai Azariah, tyroneisaacstuart & Sarah White)

Sarah White works collaboratively across installation, movement and writing. Her work has previously focused on the physical experience of loss in relation to particular sites, specifically the home. Her current research explores these subjects in dialogue with theology: considering how themes of embodiment and physical orientation within scripture relate to themes of loss and encounter.

Un/Seen Works

We No Longer Matter
25cm x 20cm
Oil on canvas board

In her voice note the artist before me spoke of memories carried on the wind. She mentioned rain falling through the trees, of the texture of stones, and I remembered a day a few weeks before when I had sat under a tree in the heavy rain as everyone in the park cowered under temporary shelters which barely covered us. I had cycled to another part of the city after lockdown had started easing, travelling by myself to a less familiar place to try to get some perspective. As I walked through the park it suddenly started to rain, heavily, and so I was forced to sit for a prolonged time. It was a rare moment of being in a different space after months of moving between the same walls, roads and buildings.

In this painting I challenged myself to draw and paint from memory; wondering from what perspective one paints a memory? Do I stand outside of the frame, watching myself exist in that moment in time? The colour scheme was based on the bright hues of an item of furniture in my home (I was moving house the week I made this painting), and I became absorbed by the colour fields and balance created by placing these tones and shapes of flat paint alongside one another on the canvas. 

Un/seen Piecemeal