Shieldfield Draws Together

Home, Neighbourhood & Architecture

We’re spending a lot of time in our homes right now, and it can seem as though we’ve seen the same objects, furniture and clothes over and over again. Through drawing our homes, or the objects within them, we can see our homes afresh. The same goes for the view outside our window, or the buildings we see on our daily walk. How could these views, green spaces or buildings be improved if we had unlimited resources? Would we repurpose buildings, paint them bright colours, add turrets and a swimming pool?

Feel free to draw whatever springs to mind, but below are some ideas to get started

Yourself & your home

  • Draw the object that makes you feel most at home. Is there a cherished object you have taken with you between house moves? What do you always unpack first?
  • Which clothes do you wear to make you feel at home? Draw your ‘at home’ outfit.
  • Draw a self-portrait of yourself in the heart of your home
  • Draw your favourite view from your home. It could be a view from the widow, or a postcard from a special holiday.

Shieldfield (or your local community)

  • Draw the building you most love in your local area. You can draw it from memory or by using Google maps. Write next to it what you love about it and why you miss it.
  • Draw the building in your local area that you love least, but add your own improvements.
    • What would you change? Would you improve the appearance of the building? Would you repurpose it?
  • If you could build a brand new building in Shieldfield, what would it look like? What would it be used for? How would the community use it?
  • Draw your favourite place to play in Shieldfield. Who usually plays there with you?

Submitting your drawing

Email a photograph of your drawing and your name to, putting “Draws Together” in the subject heading, or keep hold of it until after the lockdown period and we will arrange collection. The drawings will be displayed on SAW’s website (with your first name and initial) in our Shieldfield Draws Together online gallery in order to encourage more art making.