Shieldfield Draws Together

Cooking & Eating

There’s nothing like a good meal to perk yourself up at the end of the day. During lockdown, our emotional connection to food has become even more apparent, with more time to spend baking and eating together, or providing for family from a distance. We may be short on flour, eggs and the simple pleasure of dawdling in the supermarket, but we can still plan for future gatherings. Hopefully, in future, we’ll see the return of street parties with jelly and ice cream, chatting, and playing together.

Feel free to draw whatever springs to mind, but below are some ideas to get started

Yourself & your home

  • Draw your favourite comfort meal
  • Draw the meal or food you most fondly remember from your childhood.
  • Draw the school diner you used to dread. Was it pink custard or overdone broccoli?
  • Draw where you eat or cook in your home.
  • If you could share a meal with anyone (living or dead), who would it be? What would you eat? You could put together a collage using pictures from magazines or newspapers.
  • Draw your favourite meal to have at family celebrations. Does it have a family story attached?

Shieldfield (or your local community)

  • What food would you have at your dream community street party? Try drawing the party, the decorations, the people and the food
  • Draw a map of your local area, adding where you could grow food in pots or raised beds.

Try vegetable printing

You could also try your hand at vegetable printing, which we enjoyed at the Late Shows 2018.  Use this excellent vegetable printing guide from the Royal Academy to get started. Email your prints to SAW to have them displayed in our online gallery.