Shieldfield Narrates

Facilitated by Shieldfield Art Works & Dwellbeing

In a televised address on March 23, the Prime Minister told the population of the UK,  “I must give a very simple instruction. You must stay at home.”

Now several weeks into the lock down, how has it been for you? Is it as simple as the Prime Minister suggested? How did you feel when you heard that instruction? How do you feel now? What impacts has the lockdown had on your day to day routines? – on what you eat and drink, the clothes you wear, how you communicate with friends and family?

We invite you to contribute to a collective documentation of day-to-day life during the Covid-19 pandemic/lockdown. This can take many forms including daily journals, drawings, writing (in any style and language), photographs, audio and video. You can use whatever materials you have to hand: keep it as low tech as you like or reach for your phone and record a daily video diary. 

Find an old shoe box or container at home, or start a new folder on your computer to file your documentation. We will then gather your contributions later in the year when there is more freedom to meet socially. These contributions will then be used to form an exhibition or publication. Please then also fill in the following consent form if you are happy for your contribution to be used.


Please tick the places that you are happy for your contribution to be stored in the digital and physical Shieldfield Narrates Archive and used by Shieldfield Art Works and Dwellbeing in:

▢ Exhibitions

▢ Publications

▢ Social media and online platforms (including but not exclusive to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SAW website, Dwellbeing website

If you are happy with the advice offered in this guidance we welcome your reflections and ask you to please include the following statement in your work: 

I donate my COVID-19 reflections to the Shieldfield Narrates Archive. I consent to it being made publicly available as part of the Archive and assign my copyright in this work to Shieldfield Art Works and Dwellbeing so that it can be reproduced in full or in part on websites, in publications and in broadcasts as I have indicated above and as approved by the Shieldfield Art Works and Dwellbring. I agree to the Shieldfield Narrates Archive assuming the role of Data Controller and the Archive will be responsible for the collection and processing of personal data and ensuring that such data complies with the DPA.

For more details and to let us know that you are beginning your own documentation of day-to-day life during lockdown, contact, putting “Shieldfield Narrates” in the subject heading.