Shieling is a collaboration between Dwellbeing Shieldfield and Shieldfield Art Works.

The Shieling Programme is responsible for the public realm aspects of Dwellbeing’s work, including growing, creating and sustaining community spaces and public realm improvements, as well as building community knowledge and engagement around the issues of food security, sustainable and participatory forms of building, land, planning and urban development. It is run by a working group of residents alongside Shieldfield Art Works.

One theory about the name ‘Shieldfield’ is that it was once a shieling ground, where people would come and graze their livestock in the summer months. Shielings were specific to the location in which they were built – created using local knowledge, skills and materials. For Dwellbeing, Shieling is a concept and action – a powerful tool to use to think about community use of Shieldfield’s public spaces and creating new community spaces that are built from the ground up, using Shieldfield’s natural ecology and drawing upon its people, materiality and histories.    

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