Take Over 2022

Four exciting exhibitions Take Over the SAW gallery space; each artist inviting you to look at, experience and discuss their work. Part of SAW’s commitment to support talented emerging artists.

Microforms | Lee Drew | Exhibition: 2 – 9 February | Discussion: 15 February (Zoom 7-8pm)

Microforms explores small recurring details found in nature through vast monochrome drawings, inspired by the artist’s collection of organic found objects. The drawings play with perceived scale to examine micro/macro relationships in the natural world.

Chroma | Emma Bromley | Exhibition: 16 – 23 February |Discussion: 1 February (Zoom 7-8pm)

Colour is embedded in our everyday life, yet often goes unnoticed. Chroma resituates colour at the forefront of our senses. By combining original paintings by Emma Bromley with LED lighting,  Chroma explores the changeable nature of colour by enveloping the gallery in a kaleidoscope of unpredictable and chaotic colours which alters the viewer’s perspective and invites them to explore their relationship with colour.

Moving Boxes | Lucy Bennett & Merlin Cross | Exhibition: 2 – 9 March | Discussion: 1 March (in person, at SAW, 6:30-8pm)

Moving Boxes uses painting to question the impact of purpose built student accommodation on the lives of the young people who live in them. How does our relationship with this temporary accommodation affect us? Do these places feel like homes? Are they meant to?

Three Paths | Tracey Davison, Tracy Reynolds & Linda Willcox | Exhibition: 16 – 23 March | Discussion: 15 March (Zoom 7-8pm)

Tracey Davison and Linda Willcox show their individual but entwined journeys through often semi-abstract paintings which illustrate the power of nature and art to cheer, comfort and connect. 

Through a series of postcard images and small pop up books Tracy Reynolds explores the idea of art as gift giving and asks how do we make a difference? Words like kindness and love make us vulnerable

Gallery Opening Times 

Tue-Thur, 11am-4pm

Sat, 1-4pm

For all Zoom Meetings ID: 897 8239 0743 Passcode: 621012