Take Over 2023

Take Over is SAW’s annual programme showcasing talented emerging artists, as part of our commitment to support and nurture up and coming talent. Join us for three exciting unique exhibitions.

Sculpture by Iris Ollier

Roving Eye

Iris Ollier

1 – 15 February

SAW Reflects: 14 February 6:30 – 8:30pm

Iris Ollier presents sculptural objects which play with normal visual perception. Objects of wonder and novelty create abnormal optical effects, which emphasise that movement is not a decision made by the mind, but emerges from and is the natural sequel to vision.

Light Hands (with Lighter Hearts)

Inés Buchanan & Alice Wong

22 February – 8 March

SAW Reflects: 28 February 6:30 – 8:30pm

Through print and tactile sculptures, Light Hands (with Lighter Hearts) compares personal possessions and museum objects, questioning the systems which prescribe value to each of them.

Illustration by Jim Spendlove

Foraged Codes

Beatrice Dale & Jim Spendlove

15 – 29 March

SAW Reflects: 28 March 6:30 – 8:30pm

‘Foraged codes’ is a visual representation of the available forage for Newcastle’s urban honeybees over a season. This collaboration project couples the scientific research process with digitally coloured illustration to create a visual conversation piece about how we share our urban spaces with pollinators. 

Exhibitions are open Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 4pm & Saturdays 1 – 4pm

SAW Reflects events are informal discussions to dig deeper into exhibitions. We’ll share food together and chat with artists about their work. All welcome.