Zine Queens from Newcastle University

During 2020, Fine Art students from Newcastle University took part in a 5-month long ‘Strand’, learning about SAW’s work, the context of Shieldfield and our commitment to Socially Engaged Practice. Students lived and breathed the life of SAW, taking part in events and discussions. That was, until the Covid-19 crisis began to bite. The Strand moved online, and instead of developing a final activity to take place at The Late Shows, the students were challenged to make an online, socially-distanced activity, inspired by the Strand.

Dear friends,

While this may be a trying time for all of us, we can use it as a space to reflect, cultivate positive emotion and strengthen the support within our communities. In collaboration with Shieldfield Art Works, the Zine Queens are sending fuzzy chuckles of love and connectedness your way, as they invite you to taste eight of their hand-crafted zines from the comforts of your own homes. Get swept away in the scraps, tassels and jazzy drawings that dance through swirly poems, fun stories, suggestions of things to do or facts you never thought you would learn about! 

The Zine Queens made these for YOU, so give them a go; simply admire the collection straight from your device or print them out and read them in the bath! Remember to cut and fold using guidelines provided.

We hope that these zines inspire you to spread the same care and love with your own family and community, maybe share one or more of these QZ zines or have fun assembling your own using the blank template (The more the better!)

We would love to use the website as a platform to display your own zines, so send your own waves of positivity to: gemma@saw-newcastle.org and let’s see what you can come up with!

The Zine Queens

How to make your zine

Printable instructions for D.I.Y zine, with layout template (PDF)

Below are example zines for you to enjoy, alongside a link to a print-and-fold version. In the print-and-fold version, some pages will appear upside down when printed out, righting themselves when the A4 sheet is folded into a book by following the instructions above.


Emma’s Zine: print & fold version


Olivia’s zine: print & fold version


Harriet’s zine: print & fold version


Zoe’s zine: print & fold version


Livvy’s zine: print & fold version


Georgia’s zine: print & fold version


Abby’s zine: print & fold version


Eve’s zine: print & fold version