Take Over 2024

On a teal background cutout images of a rolled sculpture made of reeds; a shelf with painted wooden tulips and clay vases; and a single floral curtain are spread sporadically alongside the words SAW Take Over 2024.

Take Over is SAW’s annual programme showcasing talented emerging artists, as part of our commitment to support and nurture up and coming talent. Join us for three exciting unique exhibitions.

Revalued // Octavia Hands

31 JAN – 14 FEB 2024 // SAW Reflects: 30 JAN 6:30pm – 8pm

Why do objects and items lose their material value the more they show signs of ageing and being worn out? Revalued explores what misplaced, broken, and discarded objects can reveal about our own attitudes, and whether stories are being erased for the sake of looking new.

Founding // Liam Aldridge, Bethan Harris, Maura Hawkes, Anna Mud & Lucy Thomas

21 FEB – 6 MAR 2024 // SAW Reflects: 27 FEB 6:30pm – 8pm

Founding showcases the work of five artists based in Newcastle Upon Tyne who work with found objects and foraged natural materials. The artists explore how this approach allows for affordable and environmentally conscious ways of making.

Close But No Varz // Lucy Turner

13 MAR – 27 MAR 2024 // SAW Reflects: 12 MAR 6:30pm – 8pm

Close But No Varz is a project exploring how the pressure of being a working class artist can turn passion into obsession. What happens when a vase no longer works as a vase? What happens when an artist no longer works as an “artist”?