Taya Franco

Revealed Wednesday 23 June.

Taya Franco works predominantly in sculpture and performance. Her practice playfully explores the space between language and forms, between ideas and words. Metal, wood, found objects, performance and art writing are used to create environments conducive to creating stories, interaction and play.

Un/seen Works

Warbling Reverence
Wood, paper and ribbon installation

Upon receiving the audio, several stagnant ideas that had been swirling in my subconscious were allowed to condense and then blossom. I had been reading dense texts concerning land ownership and cultivation which had compelled me to study the flora and fauna I felt wrongly disconnected from. It felt apt that themes of ephemerality, nature and abundance appeared for the preceding artists (and, as I was later to find out, throughout the project), and thus I was enabled to make visual these formless ideas. That I was restricted to using materials readily available in my house was, in fact, unconstraining and facilitated a resourcefulness my practice does not always utilise. The process of gathering branches from my garden and tying them with impractical and whimsical fabric felt like part of the piece itself; a meditation. It came to be more than the flimsy frame for my drawing to hang from and a limb-like extension of the disconcerting scene depicted in the paper. The drawing is meant for smaller eyes – or else crouching eyes; in an act of reverence mirrored by the ambiguous humanoid contained within it. A reverence to what is left for speculation; for what/who we cannot see.

Un/seen Piecemeal