Welcome to Shieldfield

This poem was written by Lydia Hiorns (26), Ken Mallon (48), Max Mallon (13) and Moi Moi Mallon (11). It was then turned into a film, spoken by 20 local residents and community members.

“Do you know where you are my friend? Do you know where you stand?

You’re in Shieldfield and we are happy to see you here. Welcome to our land. 

Many people pass through Shieldfield and do not know where they’ve come to.

But Shieldfield is a place to be and not just to simply pass through.”

Many people do not often realise that they are in Shieldfield because it is not labelled as ‘Shieldfield’ on the tourist map, the ward has been renamed ‘Ouseburn’ and much of the student accommodation has been branded as being in ‘North Ouseburn’. There is a concern that their are no interactions between local residents and local students, so this project seeks to educate all those who live and pass through the area as to where they are. It is to celebrate this rich and vibrant community.