Guerrilla Knit: Calling all Knitters, Yarn-bomb incoming!
12th October 2012


“Our street art does many things. It takes a woolly hold on forgotten public spaces and gives them soul. It treats the whole world as an art gallery. It encourages others to bring their own city to life in ways only they can imagine.” -Knit the City


The Holy Biscuit are commissioning a piece of public art and we need the help of your knitting group!  

We need people to knit and crochet coverings for our fence to celebrate our green space and to bring a dash of colour and creativity to our community.


Our ‘Guerrilla Knitting‘ event will take place at the gallery on Saturday 17th November, 1-3pm where we will assemble our pre-knitted coverings as well as taking some afternoon tea. We have 224 fence posts to cover so get started as soon as possible.


Do spread the word to all Tyneside knitting groups and anyone else you think might like to be involved and if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!