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Revelation in Disguise*
26th April 2017

In Present : Past Dave Tweedy has developed an increasingly pictorial language within his paintings. Drawing — literally painting — from personal and common memory, Tweedy interweaves and overlays historical and contemporary signifiers to create new-found (dis-)orderings of reality. At these intersections of people and paint, abstract and figurative languages conflate; familiar imagery is altered, […]

HOST: Experiments in Art, Food and Shared Life
21st October 2016

HOST is an experimental art programme of shared meals, discussion and communal activities designed to test out notions of hospitality. The aim is to open up shared spaces where we can think critically and creatively together about the role that hospitality might play in communal life. Co-produced and activated by the community at The Holy […]

en_counter: Mapping Our City
26th May 2016

en_counter: Mapping Our City A response by Sarah Davies, Holy Biscuit Intern Image above: en_counter opening night at The Late Shows What are maps and what is their purpose? Generally they are used for recording physical features of the land such as rivers, mountains and roads. A map of a city is usually a tool for […]

“Your Deeds Don’t Define You” | Urbanite Adrift
29th March 2016

Responses to “Your Deeds Don’t Define You”, No. 4: Urbanite Adrift Olya Bowers Image above: Olya Bowers, ‘Urbanite Adrift’   I hopped on the 192 bus to go the three miles down Stockport Road to lovely Longsight—“a far-out place,” I tell people. The bus was crowded, but a young woman moved her packages off a seat to […]

Responses to “Your Deeds Don’t Define You”, No. 2: Do your deeds forever define you? Imagining an alternative Michael Holland Image above: Lou Davis, ‘The Slow Unfolding of Grace’ The story begins with the creation of all things, the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, the seas and the land, the fish, the birds, the […]

Student Open Call 2016: Highly Commended
24th February 2016

Student Open Call: Highly Commended As part of our programme to encourage and help develop the work of emerging artists, we invited undergraduate art students from Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland University to submit exhibition proposals to showcase their work at The Holy Biscuit. We were inundated with high quality entries from students working in a […]

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