Now and Not Yet: Shadow Play
6th December 2015
Reflections for Advent, No. 6
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Frances Arnold & The Holy Biscuit, Shadow Play 2015. Photograph by Andrew Barker

Advent, time of preparation. For what do we prepare? Son of Man, Prince of Peace, Light of the World. God human. God vulnerable. God here.

The light of the world casts a shadow.         No.           I cast a shadow. His light shines on me and my darkness shows its face. My shadow side, there exposed. A long imprint I can’t disguise.

My shadow reaches beyond me; it stretches, plunging into darkness with a touch. I cast a shadow I cannot extinguish.

Before the light, in darkness, my shadow was not seen. I fooled myself I was complete; contained; secure.  But my shadow reaches out. It knows, before I do, that there is more. It longs to search, to stretch, to seek. But chained to me it is not free.

The light of the world betrays my shadow. But He displays my radiance too. His brightness lights my face; He illuminates my soul. The light has come; the darkness is no more.

I cast shadows but I no longer fear them. And as He rises, relentless, my shadows burn away.

The light of the world redeems me –  I am free to dance and play.

Becky Allon Smith

Frances Arnold is an artist and arts project manager based in Newcastle. Shadow Play was a collaboration between Frances, THB and the local community, exploring ideas of light and dark and bringing people together.

Becky Allon Smith lives in Newcastle and is a member of The Holy Biscuit community.

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