Shieldfield Draws Together

Facilitated by Shieldfield Art Works

Join together for some all-ages communal (if physically-distanced) drawing and writing, focussing on the future hopes and dreams within Shieldfield and beyond. After the lockdown period, these drawings will be transformed via a light sensitive process (cyanotype) onto beautiful tablecloths, napkins and flags to be used at future communal meals and events at SAW.

Click for the Shieldfield Draws Together online gallery

Click to be inspired by different themes:

Spring & Growth

Home, Neighbourhood & Architecture

Cooking & Eating

Travel, Maps & Memories

Inventions to brighten everyday life

How it works:

  • Look at SAW’s website for the theme, which will be released every other Friday from 8 May. Example themes might be: growth and spring; home and architecture; growing vegetables, cooking and eating; people and the environment
  • Think about the theme in more depth using the prompt questions
  • Let your imagination run wild – the focus is on exploration, self-expression and having fun
  • At home, draw or write down your ideas using whatever materials you have available. You could use:
    • Biro, crayons, felt tips, pencils, eyeliner pencil
    • Plain paper (you could cut it up into different shapes), cereal packets, junk mail, pictures or text cut out from leaflets or magazines
  • Email a photograph of your drawing and your name to, putting “Draws Together” in the subject heading, or keep hold of it until after the lockdown period and we will arrange collection.
  • The drawings will be displayed on SAW’s website in our Shieldfield Draws Together online gallery in order to encourage more art making

After lockdown:

  • SAW will collect the drawings together, scan them and print them onto acetate
  • The acetates will be laid over light-sensitive cyanotype fabric, resulting in a beautiful blue ‘photogram’ of the drawings on the surface of the fabric
  • The fabric will be made into tablecloths, napkins and flags for the garden.

Who can join in?

Absolutely anyone! This is an all-ages project. You might want to spend a long time creating an individual collage, or do a communal drawing with young and old. Feel free to write a story or poem if that’s more your thing.

Do I have to live in Shieldfield?

Not necessarily. While we’re specifically thinking about the context of Shieldfield, we also welcome contributions from other areas from people thinking about these themes (and the future in general) in more depth

For more details, contact, putting “Draws Together” in the subject heading