PROCESS gallery

Our outdoor PROCESS gallery consists of seven large scale posters on the outside of our building, which respond to our current programme. These artworks have the potential to be a form of protest in order to laugh at power, talk back and weep out loud. The posters will change every six-months to reflect an aspect of our programme.

This year’s Take Over artists are Chloe Myers and Colin Morrison. Their works feature in three exhibition spaces: a zine, SAW’s online gallery and SAW’s PROCESS gallery – a billboard space on the outside of SAW’s building.

Chloe’s delicate images combine poetry, patterns and nostalgic objects to explore grief, semtimetality and touch. The images feel intimate, domestic and familiar by including objects which remind us of grandparent’s sitting rooms, heirlooms or prized charity shop finds. Overlaid poetry gives further solidity to both the words and the objects – a hand embroidered hankie becomes a ‘comforting song’. This layering of poetry and objects feels reassuring, yet questions also litter the images – asking questions to the reader, hinting at a larger story which we can only imagine. “When are you coming to see us again?” strikes a particular chord.

Colin’s drawings also engage with the personal, and are created through a desire to invoke calm and wellbeing through the process of drawing. Colin often begins his drawing by asking a single question: ‘what is going on in the world?’, ‘what is energy and consciousness?’ in order to clear the mind and bring focus to the drawing process. The meditative process results in kaleidoscopic drawings, with patterns and connections which jump out at the individual viewer in different ways. Colin invites the viewer to become an artist alongside him, sharing his drawing technique and encouraging others to do the same. In the future, he plans on transforming these drawings by different artists into a collaborative kaleidoscopic, multilayered video.

Both artists celebrate the act of drawing, making and creating in order to explore the world further and to bring a sense of calm. I hope you enjoy this artistic intervention in your day, and feel compelled to seek out, think about and foster creativity in your everyday life.

Past PROCESS gallery exhibitions

2019 Feb – Aug | …Rest by David McCulloch

2019 Sep – 2020 Jan | A Shout, a Cry, a Question: Shieldfield Speaks

2020 Feb – 2020 Apr | Take Over 2020

2020 Sep – 2021 Feb | Shieldfield Wheatfield