PROCESS gallery

Our outdoor PROCESS gallery consists of seven large scale posters on the outside of our building, which respond to our current programme. These artworks have the potential to be a form of protest in order to laugh at power, talk back and weep out loud. The posters will change every six-months to reflect an aspect of our programme.

Take Over 2022

A collection of images from the 2022 Take Over Artists to promote their show. 

Past PROCESS gallery exhibitions

2019 Feb – Aug | …Rest by David McCulloch

2019 Sep – 2020 Jan | A Shout, a Cry, a Question: Shieldfield Speaks

2020 Feb – Apr | Take Over 2020

2020 Sep – 2021 Feb | Shieldfield Wheatfield

2021 Feb – May | Take Over 2021

2021 Sep – Nov | Felling, Julia Heslop